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Movie Time

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

There is a huge number of movies I have watched recently. Here is a long list of films and how much I liked them:

The King’s Speech (2010)  

The Fighter (2010) 

Toy Story 3 (2010) 

Winter’s bone (2010) 

Black Swan (2010)  

Salt (2010)  

Broken embraces (2009) 

Killers (2010) 

The Young Victoria (2009)  

The legend of guardians (2010)  

35 rums (2009)  

Everything is Illuminated (2005)  

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)  

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) 

Erin Brockovich (2000) 

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)  

Movie Time

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Recently was a good time to sit near the TV in the evening and watch a nice movie.

So, I watched a “Rabbit Hole” 2010 about a mother (Nicole Kidman) trying to get over a loss of her child. It was a very sad but also a little bit boring movie. I have no regrets for watching it as I think. Might be the worst that could happen to a parent is a loss of your own child.

“Rabbit Hole” 2010 

“A Single Man” 2010 is quite a nice movie to watch. Although it differs a lot from the movies where Colin Firth usually plays and it feels strange.

“A Single Man” 2010 

“Toy Story” 1995 is a kind and touching comedy, exactly what a doctor ordered both for parents and their children. It is fun to watch, it is entertaining and it is simple a very solid peace of work by Disney.

“Toy Story” 1995 

“El Secreto De Sus Ojos” (2009) or in English “The Secret in Their Eyes” is an Argentinian crime thriller, absolutely brilliant scenario. The plot actually has substance here; the characters are interesting and complicated. It is a QUALITY movie at its best. Finally it is something I can agree on with Oscar: the film won the prestigious nominee in best foreign movie.

“El Secreto De Sus Ojos” (2009) 

I also watched “True Grit” 2010, another Coen brothers’ movie. A 14-year old stubborn girl is after a man who killed her father. As most of Coens’ movies, this one is also full of violence, this time in the Wild West. It was a surprise to find out Matt Damon played here as I could not recognize him at all and only at the very end looking at the actor list I saw him.

“True Grit” 2010 

“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” 2010 so far is the worst movie I have seen this year. Boring, the characters are unbelievable, I would not miss anything for not watching it.

“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” 2010  

Movie time

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

There were a lot of movies I watched recently; some of them were quite good, while the others were so embarrassingly bad that you wonder why they were even filmed at first place. To the last category could be applied “Red” (2010), another hero movie with Bruce Willis which has no logical plot or any interesting ideas in it and except for the explosions and pursuit to “kill Bill” there is even nothing to remember.

“Red” (2010)

“Going the Distance” (2010) can interest girls and all those who like light American romantic comedies.  It was a decent one with a compulsory happy-end of course.  What is your life look like when you are having long-distance relationships?  How possible it is to save such relationships or maybe better to give them up?

“Going the Distance” (2010) 

“Scot Pilgrim Against The World” (2010) was rather fun than weird. An interesting combination of a movie and a computer game.  At least, it was a new approach to filming. The boy falls in love with a girl but in order to have a relationship he must kill her 7 evil ex-boyfriends. It is not as cruel as it sounds.

“Scot Pilgrim Against The World” (2010) 

“The Prestige” (2006) is a good solid movie which tells us a story of two magicians who competed with each other. It was more than just to be the best magician. It was their life. Going more and more brutal, they go to the line where magic plays with their lives and no one knows how it is going to end up and how many hearts to destroy.

“The Prestige” (2006)

“The White Ribbon” (2009) is the most serious among all the movies I watched, obviously because of the subject it represents but also because of a specific way of filming. It is a very quiet movie with not many words at all. Author wanted to imply rather than say something. There is a typical German village in time before the First World War has started. Suddenly, succession of cruel events are happening in the village, people are confused and concerned,  noone knows who is behind it all and noone would dare to imagine that their own children might be involved… Definitely a MUST watch.

“The White Ribbon” (2009) 

“Precious” (2009) was a cruel, scary and dark movie, although I found it very interesting and moving, highly recommended to watch.

“Precious” (2009) 

Office Space (1999)

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

I watched this movie today and was extremely surprised how delicate the author tells us about the corporate life style: endless bosses, who are telling you what to do, endless memos and finally endless people who hate their jobs. It is a unique comedy and will be truly appreciated by people who stuck at work the same way.

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Pirate radio (2009)

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

You should look at this film as a tribute to rock n roll of 1960s and to the times when people believed that music can have a serious impact on politics and a personal life.

If you expect something more from this movie you will be disappointed, there are a lot of small plots but nothing really deep or interesting. This film should have taken not more then 100 minutes and I am not aware why the author decided to extend it to two hours as it was pretty boring to watch.

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500 days of summer (2009)

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

The love story but not a typical one. Boys meets girl and fall in love though she is too cruel to leave him or he is too naive to expect that happening earlier.

I don’t really think that film had something to show us about love or relationship…

I wanted to know if I am the only one who feels the same way about the film and I found this peace which shows the way I felt too:

Minute 1: some voice introduces the movie, saying that it is not a love story. Minute 2: I figured out that it is a love story. Minute 10: the movie takes a good start, promising to be something fresh, funny and original. Minute 30: It still hasn’t been either fresh, funny or original. Minute 40: I’m wondering when the story is going to unfold it’s plot. Minute 50: I’m realizing that this is the plot. Minute 60: I’m realizing that the movie isn’t going to be fresh, funny or original. The movie is starting to get on my nerves. Minute 70: I’m thinking of walking out of the cinema. Minute 80: I know I should have. I’m walking out.

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Olive Garden

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

I finally had a chance to go to a very popular chain of American restaurants named Olive Garden. It was all packed at 12 am but we were lucky to get a table there.

I cannot say that interior impressed me though the service was definitely American style (are you still working on your food? How is everything? etc)  but pretty good. We were asked if we would like a complimentary glass of Pinot Grigio and of course noone refused.

It was the first time I saw that the restaurant is showing the amount of calories in dish in their menu and this information was surprisingly very helpful. I realized that I am not willing to get a pasta with thousands calories in it!!! Oh My God, what kind a portion is that?

We both went for a house garden salad with garlic breadsticks and one appetizer and were more than full afterwards.

I have nothing against the food quality or service but also no intention of going back either. Strange…

Pleasantville 1998

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I guess I have never got into this movie as I found it quite predictable and not interesting. Two teenagers from 1990s found themselves in 1950s TV show where you have loving parents and society of old fashioned behavior where everything is black and white. A pleasant life of “Pleasantville”. I really enjoyed the play with colors though.

I found this film rather boring and trivial than essential and touching.

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Desert Flower 2009

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I just finished watching “Desert Flower” (2009) and was really impressed by the film and by the Story which is even more important. It is definitely not one-those-typical-american-movies which you forget the next day. It is about life and how different it can be. It is not easy to watch but highly recommended. It is touching and cruel. A lovely movie.

My rating starstarstarstarstar

Pizzeria Uno

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Address: 1 Crossgates Mall Road, Albany, NY, 12203           Rate

Every time I went to Crossgates mall I passed Pizzeria Uno and it was always busy. People were pouring in and out all the time. It was strange to me as there are so many places to go in this area and this particular cafe didn’t look like anything special. Finally I got a chance to find out if Uno is really good.

At the entrance my boyfriend and I stopped in order to let the waitress lead us to the table. We were lucky to get one right away as five minutes later people started to queue. The waitress politely asked if we had been here before and definitely was surprised to hear that it was our first try :).

We ordered the chopped Mediterranean grilled shrimp salad and sausage pizza, as well as a lemon margarita and some chocolate cake. The food arrived pretty soon and the salad was huge, you needed at least two people to eat it and it was very tasty as well. The pizza appeared to be quite bad, no spices, not many toppings, the dough was too hard. The margarita and the cake could have been much better as well.

I have to admit that the prices were affordable and I was not disappointed too much mostly because I was really hungry so the quality of the food and service didn’t matter that much.

It was very nice of the Uno to thank us for our first visit and give us a $5 off coupon for the next one though I don’t think I am going to go there again.