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Buying winter boots in America

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

It was a real pain for me to find real winter boots in the USA. For some bizarre reason Americans have a different attitude about winter shoes. The choice is very poor; you need to choose between sporty ugly style waterproof boots or ugly Uggs from Australia which are worn by every girl from 15 to 25!

I needed casual leather boots with natural fur inside and was very upset when I realized it was not going to be an easy buy.

First I asked at work if someone knows the brands which sell this kind of boot. The only answer I got was these popular Uggs again! OK, I went on their web-site but could not find anything decent. Then I spent a couple of days browsing the web but got nowhere again.

I asked a couple of immigrants from Russia and Serbia about winter boots and both of them brought their winter shoes from abroad because they could not get them here. I was getting more and more concerned and wished I bought boots in Ukraine.

My boyfriend came up with the idea that Canadian boots might be something I want as it is colder there and people should wear good boots. Our trip to Montreal disappointed me as despite the fact that Montreal is a great place for shopping I didn’t find my “perfect winter shoes”.

I already had a thought that I would have to spend this winter with no boots when I found them! UGGS! How pathetic but I love them :).

Pizzeria Uno

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Address: 1 Crossgates Mall Road, Albany, NY, 12203           Rate

Every time I went to Crossgates mall I passed Pizzeria Uno and it was always busy. People were pouring in and out all the time. It was strange to me as there are so many places to go in this area and this particular cafe didn’t look like anything special. Finally I got a chance to find out if Uno is really good.

At the entrance my boyfriend and I stopped in order to let the waitress lead us to the table. We were lucky to get one right away as five minutes later people started to queue. The waitress politely asked if we had been here before and definitely was surprised to hear that it was our first try :).

We ordered the chopped Mediterranean grilled shrimp salad and sausage pizza, as well as a lemon margarita and some chocolate cake. The food arrived pretty soon and the salad was huge, you needed at least two people to eat it and it was very tasty as well. The pizza appeared to be quite bad, no spices, not many toppings, the dough was too hard. The margarita and the cake could have been much better as well.

I have to admit that the prices were affordable and I was not disappointed too much mostly because I was really hungry so the quality of the food and service didn’t matter that much.

It was very nice of the Uno to thank us for our first visit and give us a $5 off coupon for the next one though I don’t think I am going to go there again.

Avatar 2009

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

I thinkAvatar Avatar was the most expected premier of the year. It was not easy to buy a ticket to watch the movie on an IMAX screen. What a surprise it was that I didn’t need to buy tickets ahead of time!

The cinema was full despite the fact that it was 3.30pm on Tuesday afternoon; everyone was sitting on a comfy chair in silly orange glasses waiting impatiently whilst eating popcorn and drinking soda. I broke my glasses within the first two minutes as I thought that they were extremely uncomfortable and was trying to adjust them. My advice, don’t even try to adjust them as it will not work.

Avatar appeared to be a nicely done movie with great effects and a beautiful vision of a planet, where the inhabitants live in harmony with nature and their spirit. However, the dialogs in the movie were far far away from being deep and wise. Unfortunately It was another action movie where everything blows up and no story was needed though the picture was extremely enjoyable.

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