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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Ok, the rule number ONE in order to successfully pass IELTS exam is to find a really GOOD teacher who would know the test from inside out and could give some small tips and generally be of a great help. The rule number TWO is even more important – do NOT choose a teacher who will not turn up for the second lesson.

Anyway it is what has happened to me already twice in a month, the teachers who were supposed to teach me could only take one lesson  leaving me completely confused by not turning up for the second one and never called me back either…

Why do tutors of English leave me?

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

It is a little bit over a month left until my IELTS exam and today my tutor of English has suddenly left me or I should say ignored the lesson by not turning up for it and not even answering my call. I guess it is my fate; it was a second teacher in less than a month who simply left me with all my fears and doubts about the ability to pass the IELTS. It is good that at least I have a backup; I also go to a special course of English for those who decided to take the IELTS.

the goal is 7.0!

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Ok It has been a while since I visited my own web-site, I am ashamed and embarrassed but in my defense I should mention that there were so many events happened that it was not easy to find an opportunity to write.  I know it does not mean that I am forgiven so I will try to keep my “mini-life” updated.

My new goal is 7.0! What is it you will ask?

It is an acceptable result of academic IELTS I am eager to get. I even got a timer (check it out in the left corner) and the countdown has started. I only have 40 days left to prepare for my first exam in last 3 years.  I have already forgotten what studying is so it is a good time for me to remember.