Dragonfly Restaurant, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Also called Dragon Fly Bar and Grill. 

One of the more up market restaurants in Tamarindo and it was also the first place where we were asked if we had a reservation. The absence of a reservation did not hinder us in getting a table but the place soon became very busy. What I liked in Dragon Fly was the presence of a wine list and real flowers on the table. The price for a main course was around $15 to $18 and the cocktails were $6 as in any other restaurant in Tamarindo. The food, both mine and my boyfriend’s, was exquisite and very tasty, even though the portions were not big.

I have to say again that in Costa Rica some restaurants like Dragon Fly Bar and Grill do not include the 13 percent tax on food. There is also an obligatory 10 percent service charge. So the bill ends up a quarter more expensive that you would have expected. What I didn’t like is that in Dragonfly Restaurant I also saw on my bill a note “gratuity is appreciated”. It sounded like that the 10 percent service charge didn’t exist on the bill in the first place!!!

Overall, the dining experience was very pleasant.

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4 Responses to “Dragonfly Restaurant, Tamarindo, Costa Rica”

  1. Olya says:

    As I see on the photo nice restaurant in the style of latino. The flowers are really very beautiful. With regard to “gratuity is appreciated” – I totally agree with you

  2. Pete says:

    The Dragonfly is one of my favorite places in Costa Rica – and for that matter, one of my favorites in the world! As to the comment regarding the “gratuity is appreciated” you have to remember that these servers are making about US $3 an hour if that at all…the little extra you add on top of the 10% is vital to their standard of living…as you said, the dishes are $15 to $18…do the math and you will see it’s tough to get by on such a low wage…15% to 20% is standard in the USA, so why not give a little more – especially for good service!?! Just a thought…

  3. Maria says:

    Thank you Pete!

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