Olga’s Coffee Shop

Olga’s coffee Shop is situated just meters away from Plaza Conchal, in the same place as Voodoo lounge is. Olga’s, as many other cafes in Tamarindo, offers rather indifferent food, including bagels, omelets and quesadillas. What is interesting about Olgas’s Coffee Shop is that it also has a gluten free breakfast which comes in handy for some people. They also open quite early – around 7am so if you are like us, still on the European time zone, you may have no choice but to pop in as everything opens later in Tamarindo.

In our first morning in Tamarindo we woke up early and had no choice but go to Olga’s to get something for breakfast. The food was just ok, so we have never felt like going back. Although, it might be an interesting place for Russians as the owner is a woman from Moscow, Russia who has lived in Costa Rica for eight years now. So, you may want to come round and have a chat with a Russian lady.

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