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Le Petit Café, Tamarindo

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Le Petit Café is situated in Plaza Tamarindo and owned by a  Jamaican / Canadian lady. It serves paninis, salads and desserts. We live right next to Le Petit café, that’s why we gave Le Petit Café a try a couple of times, going for breakfast and for snacks but were rather disappointed starting with the level of service and finishing with the food.

Talking about service, once I asked for a bagel with bacon and tomato (they didn’t have it in the menu) and guess what we received? A bagel with a slice of tomato in it :). The waitress spoke no English, so it was not easy to explain what we wanted …

There was though one good deal in Le Petit Café: they offered a breakfast burrito (which was quite tasty) with a free cup of coffee all for 2000 colones, or $4.

To visit Le Petit Cafe web-site>>