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Super Compro Supermarket Schedule, Tamarindo

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

I had to take a picture of the schedule of the Super Compro Supermarket. One day I noticed that the days of operation differ in English and in Spanish.

So, for Spanish speakers the Super Compro Supermercado operates Monday through Sunday while for English speakers it is only opened Monday through Friday. Yes, who needs these bloody tourists on the weekend?

Supermarkets in Tamarindo

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

There are at least five small supermarkets here in Tamarindo that I know of. All of them have similar prices, so getting snacks, drinks  or bathroom products is not a problem. The prices are rather higher than in the USA, except for some local fruits and veggies. If you are planning to stay in Tamarindo for a long period of time like we did I would definitely recommend visiting Automercado. It is a big supermarket about a kilometer away from Tamarindo and it has almost everything you need including the familiar western foods. It won’t be cheaper than buying in local supermarkets but there you will have a better choice of products.

Journey and first impressions of Costa Rica

Monday, January 10th, 2011

It wasn’t particularly difficult to get to Costa Rica but, unfortunately, it was painful enough. The journey London – Houston – Liberia on Continental airlines surprised with absence of any problems, delays or cancelations. Even a small misunderstanding at the immigration in Liberia was successfully resolved within a minute and I was welcomed to the sunny and warm country. The shuttle Liberia – Tamarindo was ordered prior the arrival and paid when arrived. The price was $18 one way or $3o return and it took about 50 minutes. So here I am in Tamarindo where I ought to spend next 3 months.

The apartment was in the middle of a day and night life of Tamarindo as expected; it is new, modern and spacious. It is definitely a good place to live for a couple of months; I think I always wanted to live somewhere with large windows and huge glass doors to a balcony.

I was fascinated by the absence of pavements in most places; people physically are walking on the edge of a road which seems to be an ordinary thing to do. It might be a challenge for a driver not to kill anyone in the night.

There are a couple of small supermarkets in Tamarindo, such as Las Olas and Super Combo. Although, we were in need for a lot of stuff, it was decided to have a look at the biggest one which is called the Auto Mercado and is situated about a kilometer up the main road.  I should mention that I was impressed by the high prices, 2,5 kilos of potatoes cost $10! It was the second most expensive item on my bill after a liter of extra virgin olive oil. Anyway, this is a price you pay for the possibility of having delicious fish and chips sometime soon.